Lost Souls

Two Roads Diverged In a Filthy Bog

The party deals with a deadly ambush...

Sunday, 12th of Nerth, Year 3033

Seeing the swarm of many stirge gaining on them, the party begins running at full speed to try and outrun them. With nowhere to hide, they realize that the stirge will catch them shortly, and decide they must stand and try to run them off like the wasps before. Kvothe conjures a sphere of flame, sending the fiery ball into the swarm and charring them to ashy bits, solving the stirge problem. As they travel further, the rain begins to fall harder as the thunderstorm grows more intense.

Eventually, the party comes to a fork in the road, which confuses them, as they were sure that the main road would continue on without any divergent roads or forks. Unsure of which path to take, they inspect both roads and find that the path to the right seems man-made, or at least formed recently, as if mud, dirt, and rocks were thrown together hastily and messily with tiny hands to create the appearance of the main road.

Korag-Gora uses his ability to speak with animals to chat with a nearby frog, asking where to find the river. The frog says that it is further east, and that the fork in the road wasn’t there a short bit ago. The group takes the “real” path, but are frustrated to find another fork in the road a few hundred feet further, and this time, each path is indiscernible from the other.

The party debates on which direction to take. Alonwyn uses her sense undead ability, and can feel the presence of undead lying beneath the surface of the fen’s waters. Lilith flies up in the air to see if she can spot any clues, but only sees the looming thunderstorm approaching, huge flashes of lightning illuminating the sky before her.

After much discussion, they decide to take the left path. After some traveling, they see a distant, cloaked figure standing in the road amongst the gloom, flashes of lightning outlining its silhouette. Alistair uses his mind-reading potion to try and read the figure’s thoughts, but finds that it has none.

Thinking it an undead, Korag-Gora rushes the figure, smashing through it and shattering it to pieces. Finding it only a dummy crudely formed of mud and plant matter with a cloak thrown over the top, the party is confused as they stand at a dead end surrounded by bog.

Suddenly, a pack of small, goblin-esque creatures burst out of the water, surrounding the party and closing in. The creatures are hideous, with pale green, slimy skin overgrown with moss and fungi. Bloody tears continually flow down their face from their hate-filled eyes. Sharp, needle-like fangs glisten in their evil smiles, and gnarled, black claws hang from their twisted hands.

One of the ambushers rushes at Alistair, but Magnus is quick, and fires an arrow into it. The wounded creature opens its mouth and vomits a noxious stream of bog filth at Alistair, then rushes at his legs on all fours, sinking its claws into his flesh. Kvothe is also shot with the vomit attack of the bog gremlin, blinding him as he is shredded by razor-like claws. Three of the creatures set onto Korag-Gora, who uses his shield to deflect their attacks. Alonwyn is bitten on the wrist by one of them, and Lilith is also blinded by a bog filth stream.

Magnus lands another arrow in one of the creatures. Lilith tries grabbing one as it brushes past her, but it seems to turn to water in her grasp and escapes. Blinded, she spreads her wings and flies into the air. Korag-Gora, now empowered with rage, begins tearing into the three creatures that were attacking him, but they continue to claw at him. One of the creatures takes a chunk out of Alistair’s leg, chomping on the undead flesh with its vicious fangs.

Alonwyn swings her torch around her, trying to ward the assailants, and is able to burn one of them. Alistair, misfiring an eldritch blast, misty steps into a nearby swamp tree, hiding amongst the branches and leaves. Kvothe unleashes a thunder wave, blasting three of the monsters with a powerful electric shock. Magnus tips one of his arrows with the paralyzing venom of the giant wasps he collected, and manages to paralyze a creature after embedding it in its spine. Lilith uses her thaumaturgy to amplify her voice, slinging angry, infernal, devilish insults and threats at the creatures.

Korag-Gora swings his massive sword, slicing a creature, turning it into a splash of greenish-black water which flows into the bog. Kvothe transforms into a dire wolf, and the creatures jump atop his back and begin clawing him in a frenzy. Alistair summons a thorn whip at the creature that bit into his leg which wraps around its body, piercing into it and dragging it to slam into the base of the tree he is hiding in. Lilith, still blinded and overwhelmed by the frenzy, flies around, grabbing onto the tree Magnus is hiding in. Unsure what else to do, she lights the branches up using her magic and lets out a guttural roar of frustration.

The rest of the party continues fighting and attempting to slay the creatures, each of which burst into a watery substance and flow away after suffering enough trauma. Eventually, the last of the attackers is dispatched, and the group is left standing bloodied in the rain. Without anywhere else to go, they turn back from the dead end, heading back to the fork to take the other path.


Zompirewolf Zompirewolf

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