Lost Souls

Big Trouble In Little Mushburrow

The party escapes Mushburrow after all hell breaks loose...

Starsday, 11th of Nerth, Year 3033

Hearing the commotion from the village gnomes, Lilith and Alonwyn awake in the tavern and head downstairs to meet the rest of the party. As they are explaining what happened within the mushroom processing factory, Willow bursts into the room and frantically tells the group that the slime molds are loose all over the village, and she explains that Gazrik will definitely see the release of the molds as an act of terrorism on behalf of the myconids, and will incite full-fledged war. She commands them to rescue Magnus from the dungeons and escape the village before they are sought out.

Alistair uses his infernal magic to disguise himself as Raff, thinking it will help deflect any gnomes from attacking him. Kvothe, fearing that they will be leaving the village and the bleeding tooth right under their noses, uses his druidic powers to search for the fungus, but is unable to detect it nearby.

Meanwhile, Magnus begins sneaking out of the dungeons, as he hears the distant rumbles of battle above, and fears the worst for his companions.

As the party sneaks out of the tavern towards the barracks, the gnome guards are all busy battling the assailing slime molds which are hungry for fresh meat. A few gnome guards stand watch in front of the barracks, battling back any slime molds that attempt to get inside. Alistair, disguised as Raff, manages to persuade the gnomes to abandon their post, and the party is able to enter the barracks, where they find Magnus.

The group sneak out of the barracks and bolt directly into the woods, avoiding any conflict with the gnomes. Now safe from danger, Kvothe attemps to meld remotely using spores trapped in Alonwyn’s bottle, and is able to meld and communicate with the Sovereign, warning the myconids of the coming danger.

After marching for hours, tired and hungry, the party arrives back at the entrance to the myconid city as dawn breaks. Upon arriving in the depths of Myconopolis, the myconids are active and mobilizing, as opposed to their usual state of physical inactivity, living within the meld.

The party speaks with the Sovereign and explain what happened at Mushburrow, and how they incited the gnomes to want to go to war. The Sovereign says that they completed their end of the agreement, even though they failed to avoid conflict. The Sovereign releases meld spores, but Korag-Gora covers his face and Alistair is unaffected. The rest of the party enters the meld, and are transported astrally through the Sporest, seeing the path to the location of the Bleeding Tooth – a deep, dangerous crevice inhabited by evil creatures known only as the Maw.

The group decides to rest and regain their health before making the arduous journey east through the Sporest to the Maw. Each party member tests their potions that they discovered in the Mushburrow factory, finding each one to have a different effect: Korag-Gora’s a potion that turns one into smoke form; Alonwyn’s a potion of swiftness; Alistair’s a potion that allows one to read thoughts; Lilith’s a potion of invisibility; Kvothe’s a potion of levitation; and Magnus’s a potion of growth.


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