Law of the Table

The Law of the Table is a set of rules for the players that is aimed at keeping everyone respectful of the game and other players, focused on what is going on, and immersed in the game world, as well as keeping things like game rules and mechanics in the hands of the DM.

They are as follows…

1. Thou shalt role-play!
2. Thou shalt not cheat!
3. Thou shalt not meta-game!
4. Thou shalt not defy a DM’s final ruling!
5. Thou shalt not make idle out-of-game conversation!
6. Thou shalt pay attention when it’s not your turn!
7. Thou shalt not use electronics for non-game-related purposes!

Obviously, there are exceptions to all of these rules. For example, using your phone for something important or for something insignificant like quickly sending a text is not a problem. However, if you are constantly paying attention to your phone, then you aren’t focused on the game and subsequently aren’t involved in other player’s decisions, which is not ideal.

Law of the Table

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