Gazrik Capwink

Mushburrow Boss


His face is stricken and worn with grief and sadness, and his eyes are cold and grey. He wears long braids in his grey hair and has a white beard. He wears modest clothing, including a tall red hat, and carries a walking stick with a mushroom-shaped handle. He also wears leather armor.


He is a natural born leader, but is plagued by a nagging cough that he blames on mushroom spores. He is a shrewd businessman, and has grown the mushroom farming industry of Mushburrow into a large enterprise. He has sworn revenge on the myconids (which he calls “rotheads”) for the death of his son, Gimble. His hatred of the myconids has taken over his personality, turning him into a brooding, cold person. He has a pet giant badger named Mel.

Gazrik Capwink

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