Lost Souls

Umber From Down Under

The battle against the umber hulk continues...

Treesday, 7th of Nerth, Year 3033

The umber hulk still raging against the party, Magnus grips his dagger and attempts to stab through its diamond-hard chitin armor, but the point glances off of it. Alonwyn, chancing another rough tumble to the ground, launches herself from another bouncy mushroom, lifting her glaive high above her head, smiting the umber hulk with divine power, but once again, its armor absorbs the impressive blow completely. Similarly, Alistair summons thorny vines from the earth, but they are unable to grip the smooth, hard surface of the creature’s hide. Kvothe, having conjured a flaming blade, swings wildly at the beast, covering his eyes to avoid the effects of the hulk’s strange eyes, but his advances have little effect on the thing.

Lilith bravely stares into the umber hulk’s eyes, overcoming the creature’s confusing rays, and fires two volleys of magic missiles which blast into it, damaging it severely. Korag-Gora, seeing an opening made from Lilith’s barrage of arcane magic, lifts his massive door-shield and rushes towards the beast. Getting enough air to jump atop one of the springy toadstools, he is launched ten feet into the air, sending him soaring above the umber hulk’s mass. Dropping the shield below his gargantuan frame, Korag-Gora brings the shield down upon the hulk’s head, slamming into it with full force and the full weight of the door and his own body weight, crushing the creature’s head into its thorax. The door’s weight keeps it lodged atop the umber hulk’s shoulders.

Magnus, producing his other dagger, deftly dives towards the monster after springing from a toadstool, soaring towards the huge door that rests atop of it. Landing just below the newly-formed platform atop which Korag-Gora stands, Magnus grips onto the umber hulk’s body, driving his dagger into the vulnerable wounds created by the arcane assault of Lilith. Alonwyn swings her glaive horizontally with full force, sliding the blade along the bottom of the door mounted atop the creature, guiding it directly into the umber hulk’s neck, severing it partially from its shoulders with a sickly crunch and killing it.

The Heirophant heals the myconids who were injured during the fray, its staff glowing with green light. He turns to the adventurers, conveying thanks for their help in battling the intruder and protecting the sprouts.

Korag-Gora, pulling himself from atop the dead umber hulk, tears the head from its body easily. Noticing the eyes stay open yet, he holds it towards Magnus, who bounces idly nearby on the toadstools, and who is struck dumb upon peering into the eyes of the severed head. Korag-Gora notices through a mental, or perhaps magical, link, he can control the opening and closing of the confusion-inducing second set of eyes. Finding this effect useful, and noticing that the severed head resembled a crested battle helm, Korag-Gora ties the large insectoid head-helm onto his pack for later use.

The Heirophant beckons the battle-worn travelers to follow, leading them toward a narrow, dimly lit tunnel that leads further into the myconid colony. Glancing back at the “infected” gnome, the party decides to leave him here as opposed to bringing him with.

As they travel deeper into the earth along the tunnel, they find groups of “bobs” sitting in silent and stoic meditation, sometimes sitting in groups, or small circles. The Heirophant points out that they are melding. Sometimes, a stray or solitary myconid will meander by in an adjacent cavern or tunnel.

The tunnel grows more vibrant in hues and variety of colors, as more luminescent toadstools spring from the floors and walls of the earth the deeper the group travels behind the Heirophant’s familiar green glow.

After an exhausting journey, the group finally comes to the end of the tunnel, which opens into an expansive and sprawling cavern, larger than imagination, stretching further than the eye can see, and entirely alien and otherworldly in appearance.

Magical faerie lights, actually drifting plant matter and luminescent spores, drift through the thick cavern atmosphere. Huge toadstools and fungal growths glow and pulse with dim light, sending magical and psychedelic colors dancing across small rivulets and streams that flow down shelves of rock, originating from waterfalls that cascade from the cavern walls.

Huge pillars of rock and jutting cliff sides brim with the forms of myconids and other fungal plantlife. All of the waterfalls, streams, and rivulets flow downward into the deepest parts of the cavern, far below where the party emerged from the tunnel. Before them, a twisting and winding pathway descends in vague stairs between a toadstool forest.

Far away and below them, they can vaguely make out through the thick haze of the cavern the silhouette of a gargantuan myconid sitting amid a pool formed from the converging rivulets of water, the colossal glowing cap atop its head as large as the roof of a house. The Heirophant points to it with a gnarled finger and whispers in their minds – “Sovereign”.


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